• In today’s era of competitive success, new challenges, and highlights of achievements, women are walking along and running ahead! They derive their drive towards passionate work and goals from the inherent qualities of tranquility, compassion, intelligence, and magnanimity. As women are steering towards growth and success in their respective careers from software to manufacturing, from invaluable employee to entrepreneur, from institutional teaching to inspiring arts and crafts, from sports to space science, from banking to social activism, from beauty pageants to technical innovators, and from wonderful home-makers to nation builders, they are emerging as today’s leaders. Every women performer to bring out the excellence in her to be the leader who leads a team, leads a division, and organization itself needs a leverage of an exclusive leadership, inspiring and moulding program that we the GEESE have innovated and deliver – LeadHERship, an exclusive program for women of this era to inspire, to desire and aspire for excellence in performance and leadership.


    • Innovate, impart and inspire LeadHERship ideas.
    • This program provides a platform for the women to meet, interact, and evolve thoughts that make them the embodiment of empowerment.
    • The LeadHERship program in an unique catalyst for achievement and self-realization in them.


    When women are motivated and target oriented their performance outperforms. This program provides them the training towards aiming and achieving the saying “when women lead they lead the best”.

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If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just.

- Anita Roddick