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  • Assertive communication skill is an art and quintessential tool in communication. Assert you way program covers the essential keys of assertive communication like:

    • Building Self-confidence and affirmative thoughts
    • Methods of Assertive communication
    • Positive application of assertive communication
    This course is customized to the comprehensive requirements of the client after the TNA.


    Business skill comprehensive program delivers high impact coaching on complete business etiquette, business writing skills And cross-culture. This is an intensive program remarkably moulded to the clients aspirations.


    Change is important and handling the change is crucial. The change management of GEESE is an intensive program created to coach players on being the change and seamlessly handle the positive transition with increased efficacy and personal motivation.
    This intensive training module delivers the below:

    • Discovering the perspective of change as positive and exciting
    • Overcome the fears and inhibitions of change
    • Leading the change and accelerating growth with transition
    • Team change management
    This course is customized to the comprehensive requirements of the client after the TNA.

  • Time Management

    "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” – Abraham Lincoln
    Do you feel you have less time to finish up your daily tasks? Do you say you can do this work tomorrow? Do you feel you are procrastinating so much so to be done? If you have answered any of the one or all above as Yes, then GEESE Deal Time Management course is a sure one for you. This course will make you aware of why and why not deal with time Management at the best way possible.
    The Deal time management course achieves the delivery of the below key points to the participants:
    • Motivate to honour time
    • Creating time as an asset
    • Real efficient time management techniques at work place
    • Inter personal – Inter group Time management
    Minimal Time; Maximum positive results is the motto of this Deal Time Management Course.

  • D


    your strength

    Knowing the actual strength of an individual supports in steering himself to compatibility better relations, greater efficiency and most importantly the right designation of work. Placing right people at the right places works! And hence, the personal profile analysis system is indispensable for an organization. This course is a psychometric assessment schedule conducted by internationally certified behavioural trainers. The discovery of strength course is greatly applicable to analyse team bonding, inter team relations, conflict management, Leadership insights and Administrative challenges.

  • Happy Stress Management

    The Happy stress Management program shares the secret science of effective stress relief methodologies and wellness techniques. Stress is a dampener for success and progress. New ideas and positive change are blocked by the beast of stress, thus making its management critical and essential part of one’s professional and personal life.
    This program covers the following:

    • Stress route analyses
    • Situational relative analyses
    • De-stress mechanisms
    It’s all work, all play is the motto of this course aimed at systematic stress alleviation at workplace.
    Note: The Happy Stress Management Course is different from the exclusive laughter coach program of GEESE and with the provision of collaboration as required.

  • Street Smart with Sense

    The street smart with sense is an intensive course from GEESE on crucial aspects of sales which are just enough to simply succeed. It aims at creating simple, clear and real smart selling skills at various levels. It leads way to understanding the psychology of selling and being aware of it.
    This course handles the following features:

    • Aspects of Sales communication
    • Personal connect and sales
    • Smart strategies and new Gen Y ideas
    • Being aware and understanding the Law of attraction
    This is an exclusive Intensive program involving experiential learning techniques, top notch trainers who are success at sales.

  • Negotiation skill enhancer

    Negotiate your way to success is the motto of the negotiation skill enhancer course. Negotiation skills are ultra important for just anyone right from down the line to the top president of the organization. It makes or breaks deals, sales, projects, and even inter- team relations.
    This course covers the key points such as:

    • Setting the stage
    • Understand the Win-Win cycle
    • Transform to be a positive influencer
    • Strategies of negotiation
    This program is customized from the TNA.

  • Just 3 hours

    Just 3 hours is what it takes to transform an ordinary thought to extra-ordinary performance. This is a short period course ranging from 1 -3 hours and delivering wide range of concepts. This is a high-impact course exclusively designed and moduled to deliver the required concept in a period of 3 hours without diluting the idea and essence of the concept. It includes world-class interactive Video discussions, Inspiring Talks, Experiential learning methods and Training modules. This is a highly customised program conceptualized to meet the specific requisites of training and motivation with an efficient time of just 3 hours. These 3 hours will be an investment to blissfully cherish and reap benefits for a lifetime.

  • Creative thinking

    Ideas are created, thoughts are generated and Actions are initiated. It is this new creative ideas and concepts is what we all are craving for and it is this new creative thinking that starts the process of “A Million – Dollar Idea” success and growth. New ideas make more money, better relations and an amazingly new place where working becomes more enjoyable. The creative thinking course ignites the spark to bring on those ideas and thoughts Logical and illogical, maverick and sensible, wacky and cut to the chase all that will create one thing – Wonders for the organization. This course is executed in tandem with the organization culture, organizational behaviour and after the TNA.
    Join us with the creative thinking course and create change and bliss.

Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.

- Debbie Ford