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Welcome to GEESE!

GEESE is a passion..! A passion towards Training and Coaching. This passion is amazingly driven by the desire to share knowledge and learning of unmatched quality. We believe in empowering people and creating positive change. We are inspired by the great flight of Geese, a natural phenomenon remarkable for the lessons it imparts. Integrity, Clarity, Innovative Methodologies, Progressive thoughts and Best Practises drive our idea and concept process. The forte of GEESE is its remarkable and unrivalled program delivery method that achieves real positive change. GEESE is a result of ten years of intensive coaching, knowledge sharing and innovative thinking by its founders and Mentor Coach who has touched over one lakh people ranging from industries of every sphere, corporate in every dimension, educational institutions, and welfare organizations.

Let’s keep growing – Let’s keep inspiring...!

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Our Vision is to create and deliver programs that Enhances, Empowers and Add values to people’s lives and skills and be the catalyst for growth and harmony to an organization and team.


Our Mission is to develop and continuously evolve best practices and positive ideas which give comprehensive solutions to individuals and organizations.

Core values

Integrity, Originality, High-impact delivery, Intensive coaching, Courage, Growth and Harmony forms our belief system which we promise and deliver.


A logo is designed for a company to represent themselves as a leader and to move forward. The 'V' formation of logo represents, they engender their own unique form of teamwork. Like the geese, a team who share a mundane direction and a sense of community can get where they are going more expeditious and more facile, because they are travelling on the thrust of one another. When the bellwether falls out of formation, two other members fall out their companion and follow it down to lend and bulwark. They stay with fallen bellwether until it’s able to back normal and only then do they launch out on their own, or with another formation to catch with the group.


  • Hi GEESE, I would like to place on record my appreciation for the brilliant way in which you translated my teams training requirement into a well designed programme. Team work, collaboration and co-operation over competition to realise bigger organisational goals over smaller individual goals was well explained. While the team went through the experiential learning approach, they also realized the importance of displaying leadership qualities. This approach helps not only at a professional level but at a personal level and is required for a holistic moulding of an individual. I wish GEESE the very best

    Nanda Sambrani – Head of Commercial Claims
    Reliance General Insurance – Mumbai

  • "Ramya Rajagopal is an excellent trainer! All the sessions that she has handled for my organization have been characterized by her immense positive energy and deep, intuitive understanding of the audience. Ramya has an easy communication style that enables her to forge a great connect with the participants. She is especially effective in working with groups of women, and leading fun-focussed team building initiatives! “Wishing Ramya the very best!"

    Usha Subramaniam – Chief People Officer
    Grundfos Pumps India Private Limited

  • “The training sessions we conducted at GMR Male’ International Airport Pvt. Ltd. with the help of Ms. Ramya, was very effective and fruitful. The trainees who attended the sessions enjoyed it very much and we learned that the subject which Ms. Ramya had taken was very much relevant and much needed. Here, I am quoting some of the feedback from our fellow colleagues who took part in the program “the best training I’ve done so far & Ramya is perfect as a trainer. Realized so many good things which we didn’t know before."

    Asraf – Head Training & Development
    GMR Maldives

  • The Experiential Learning Program for our team of JK Tyres delivered by GEESE was of high energy, stupendous quality, and memorable. I am very glad we are associated with an organization of young minds which has an unbeatable delivery style.

    Rajendran G.M –HR
    JK Tyres

  • Ramya does one of the best training programs on Communication & Personal Effectiveness, where the program goes beyond the superficial level of techniques and provide insight for participants to understand their individual style as well how does it influence others.

    Deeraj Menon - Asia Pacific Operation Head – CEO
    Centre for Excellence in Organization – Penang, Malaysia

  • During early days of my career, I’ve attended training session with Ramya Rajagopal and it was very helpful at the same time was fun filled. I wish her all the very best with this new venture of GEESE.


  • Institute of Government Accounts and Financial Accounting


There is no scientific answer for success. You can’t define it. You’ve simply got to live it and do it.

- Anita Roddick